The Plot

The Plot

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Leeks & Onions

Hi folks sorry for the lack of posts but been busy with work and trying to play rugby, (thats another story). Any way I've got some of my Parsnips sown.  This year I've got Pacific in and hope to get my Panarama in at the weekend.  After listeninmg to a talk by Uan Stocks NVS Scottish Branch Chairman I changed how I make my stations. I now just use a Pinch bar and bore the hole with out removing and of the material from my box.  I must say it was quicker and I did not use as much compost mix when filling the station as they are now naturally conical shaped.
So above and below are pictures of my Kelsea onions. They are in one ltr pots and to my eye growing on quite strongly.  They are now in M3  compost with Perlite to keep it open and free draining. They get a spray of SB invigorator once a week. In addition to thier normal water requirements once a week they are watered with a Maxicrop solution.  This works out that 2 in 5 waterings over a 14 day period are with the Maxicrop solution. As you can see from the picture below they are thicker than my pinkie but not as thick as my fore finger.  They chamber they are in is getting lights from 6.00am to 8.00 pm. and hopefully not dropping much below 12 degrees through the night. 

Below is my leeks, they are in 2 ltr pots and on average are about 2. inch in diameter and about 5.5 inch to the buttom.  They will be potted on this week into 3 ltr pots and I will reselect with the the ones not choosen for show going to a local school.  They will be kept going in the green house without any further additional heat or light.  The Leeks are also on 14 hrs of light and get sprayed once a week with SB invigorator. 

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  1. Well john what ever you are doing the onions and leeks seem to be doing very well so lets hope they keep going that way. I think i told you that i am awaiting for my kelsae onions to arrive from DT BROWNS which should be here with me in the first week of april. It will be hard to get a realy big one about 6lb because of the time scale but i will try my best . At the moment i have sown all my toms and also my sweet candle seeds i will be sowing the long carrot seed within a day or two. Re to the long carrot seed it was by sheer luck that in 2011 i did get graeme watson strain and my grand daughter found them in one of my folders so i intend to see if they will germinate. I also found a few intermediate red seeds which i bought from sutton so again i will try and see what results i can get. Once again john thanks for the info re to graeme watson and i will be giving him a ring to see if i can still have some from him and keep them for next year. I wll be keeping in touch with you and let you know how things are progressing. all the best.