The Plot

The Plot

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Success or Failure, Free or purchashed

Well folks its been an interesting time since I last posted, no more so than my in ability to actually use Blogger.   During the last week or so I have been fortunate enough to acquire 16  3ft x 2ft  and 14 2ft x 2ft paving slabs for the bases of my two 2nd hand greenhouses.  I duly loaded said slabs on to my trailer and towed them the 55 miles home only to be informed that the probably weigh about a ton and a half.My poor wee car!!.  My first sowing of celery which was 28/1/12 succumbed to damping off and I have only 9 plants left.  I will get a post of them tomorrow.  Due to family commitments I was away from home most of this week which has left me with a huge amount of work over the coming seven days. Fortunately my watering system worked and no real damage has been done, except my carrots are now at least 10 days late.

I also picked up 30x 3 ltr pots 70 x7 cm square pots and 5x4 ltrs pot at my local recycling point "Moray Waste Busters" for the Princely sum of £2.50.  

Above are my onions for the 250 gms class. Currently in 9 cm pots but will be getting potted up to 1 ltr pots shortly. I have two varieties centro and globo.  This is my first attempt at growing for the 250 gms class so lets keep our fingers crossed.  I'm happy with them so far.

This is my Kelsea onions which I hope to get ready for the 1 to 1.5 kg class or as big as I can get them.  I will be potting these onions on this coming week into 3 ltr pots.  

This is what my Parsnip bad looked like on Tuesday morning.  There was 5 inch of snow.  I really need a poly tunnel!!

This was my Shallot and red onions on the same Tuesday.  I am now not sure of how they will turn out.

This is my Pendel Improved leeks.  I will be potting them on this week.  I have never grown these leeks before and they are in my eyes "looking good" I do realise there will be a number of more experienced growers with stronger leeks but I am only aiming for local or county shows. They are currently averaging about 3 inch in diameter and between 42 and 45 inch from base to flag leaf tip, with a blanch to button of about 9.5 inches.  


  1. Hoss, please don't tell me you put 30 slabs in the car that i'm thinking about?.... If so, I thought I was the daftie!!

  2. Neil

    I didn't put the slabs in the car. I put them on my 9x5 trailer. Then towed the trailer with my Astra. It was a bit sluggish on some of the hills!!!!

  3. Ahh.... sorry, misread it Hoss. I wonder sometimes why I don't fall over more often!!!

  4. Neil

    it was too early in the morning for you, either that or you've been sampling some fine Islay Malt!!

  5. All looking good Hoss
    Your plot looks well organised

  6. Hi Hoss
    All looking good and very neat and tidy - will ;pop in to your blog more regularly now I know you have one !!
    Enjoy your break

  7. Hoss, your plants look great and you have a fantastic looking set up from what I can see under the snow. Don't envy you battling the elements, down here we're a bit spoilt with the mild weather.