The Plot

The Plot

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Shallots have twins, " dad not happy"

This week has been particularly disappointing as I started to lift my shallots.  These plants had been started away in the greenhouse way back in December 2011 and I had high hopes that I would be able to crack the 45mm barrier and produce some quality shallots for showing.  How wrong could I be?  On Tuesday evening I noticed new shots on one or two of the larger shallots and on closer examination they had started to split again.  I lifted a number of the largest that night and have continued to do so every evening,as you can see from the sample below I have a number of nice shaped bulbs but no real size.  The really cold weather and snow just after I planted out in April will not have helped them and I think I let the bed get too dry.  Anyway hopefully I will get a nice set for the local shows and plenty to choose from for next year.

This picture shows quite nicely that the bulb in the center and on the left as you look at them have started to split again.  You can see the three growth shoot very plainly on the one in the center. This meens that as it drys it will go out of shape.   
Today I also changed the collars on my Celery.  This is my first attempt at growing show celery and although the plants are health enough now they are not as big and strong as I would have liked.  Again I think it is down to me not getting the out soon enough and possibly not having the ground strong enough.  By that I mean not enough organic matter and FYM in the site where the Celey is growing. 

 Here is a quick photo of the Kelsae onions in their 25 kg pots.  The onion shown has a diameter of just over 10 inches. I only have 12 of these onions kindly supplied to me by an NVS grower (Helen V)   They are growing on strongly with them all between 8.5 and just over 10 inches, but don't know if they will be ready in time for first my couple of shows. 
 This is just to give you an Idea of the set up in the green house where the Kelsae onions and my Globos.(for the 250gm  class) are growing in pots.  Globo are in the fore ground with the Kelsae behind them. I am trying watering the Kelsae using watering spikes set in about half way down the pots with fizzy drink bottles attached.  They hold about a litre of water .  I am currently only giving the "big" onions about 2 ltrs of water per week.  The Globo are on gravel trays and receive about a litre just now.  again I don't think the Globo will be ready for the first few shows but we will wait and see.


  1. Hi Hoss
    I think everyone up here is struggling - we had bloody hailstones today !!! Mid June - s'not funny anymore.The only things of mine that I am confident of being ready for any early shows are my tatties.

  2. Dave,
    Its been difficult for us all. I'm not even that sure of my tattie as I'll not be able to let them "rest with the haulms off them for as long as I would normally.