The Plot

The Plot

Friday, 8 June 2012

Will my Shallots be "pregnant" this year, is size everything!!!

Well I really hope I'm a better veg grower than I am at mastering this blog technology.   Things have been moving on a fair bit since I last blogged. My Shallots have finally recovered from their snow "bath" in early April and are growing on quite nicely.  I am however a little worried as it was about this time last year that they decided to start going double, which is of course no use for showing. Traditionally the lifting date is the 21st June.  My largest shallots are about 5 inch in circumference so I need them to put on about another inch plus in the next week!  I've also got my pea area set up and my first sowing growing up their poles with another sowing well through in the green house and my final sowing going in tomorrow.  As you can see I've 8ft canes secured 9 inch apart with the peas trained up the canes. My stump carrots (Sweet Candle) have finally started to move on now after taking over 4 wks to come through.  They are fairly strong but I'll be without them for my first 2 shows.  As I will with my parsnips (Polar).  The stronger ones are about 6 inches high with the later ones about 2 inch.  I've include a pic of my show tatties which are working away quite nicely.  I'm currently watering them once a week. Each bag gets the spray gun for 25 secs in a hope to keep the moist and deter common scab.

I've also had a wee bit of luck on the Vole front with a number of adults captured and relocated!



Sweet Candle

Coloured Tatties
 Polar Parsnips

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