The Plot

The Plot

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Onions.Leeks & Celery

Well after watching the rugby yesterday I was more than ready to spend the afternoon in the greenhouse today sorting out my onions, leeks  and celery. I've grown Starburst this year and have 24 plants potted into cells and growing nicely.

Here are my large onions they have about 6 true leaves and vary from 22 to 26 inch long.  I have them in 1 ltr pots and still under lights giving them 12 hrs of light per day.  

Here are my second batch of onions that Helen Vincent sent me up in the post.  They have settled in well now and are growing on strongly.  I was delighted with these onions last year as the had a lovely shape to them so here's hoping they grow the same this year.   

This is my first batch of leeks which I received also from Helen.  I have them in 9 inch collars and as you can see they are stretching away nicely. At least 7 inch to the button and at least 2 inch girth.  
 My second batch of leeks also have 9 inch collars and are about 6.5 inches to the button and probably 1.5 inches round (These were from Alistair Gray)

My third batch have 7 inch collars and are about 6 inch to the button and also about 1.5 inch round.  These I got from David Metcalfe the breeder of the Improved Pendle leek. 

The leeks are also still under lights and I am trying to wnsure that the greenhouse does not fall below 10 degrees at any time.

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