The Plot

The Plot

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Flowers, Eggs & Veg

Its been a long time since I last up dated my blog, mainly due to work pressures and the cold growing season wehave had up here.  That along with a week when we thought that the Sahara Desert had suddenly come to Morayshire its been fairly trying.  On the up side We now have a nice display of spring bulbs and Primulas in the sheltered part of the garden and Mrs M is delighted.

I had left a couple of bags off Silva Sand out on our stone seat at the front of the house.  They were particularly wet when I picked them up from the garden center and as the seat gets a lot of sun I thought it would help them dry out.  I went to move them on Sunday and a little birf had set up home where the bag had folded over the stone back of the seat.  Bags are now back in place and I'm looking forward to the eggs hatching.

Here is my Star Burst Celery I'm happy with the 15 plants I have. As you can see they are about 14 in high and growing strongly.  They get watered night and morning and have had one spray of Calciunm Nitrate.  I was speaking to an established grower at the weekend and he indicated that provided I keep them as damp as I am there is no need to use Calcium Nitrate at the moment.  I will be potting int 2 ltr pots this week.

Here are my large onions I think I have kept them in these pots a wee bit too long.  This is mainly because I over watered them in the pot size below this and a number of outer leaves died off.  However the best will be potted into final tubs this week and into the other greenhouse.  I am trying some in 25 ltrs pots and some in 10 ltr pots to see if there is much difference.

 And Finally my potatoes in bags I have used a new mix of 50% Peat & 50% Wool & Bracken Compost to this I have added Nutrimate and potato fertiliser.  I have also for the first time trenched my bags in about 4 inches and added potato fert to the bottom of the trench.  Here's hoping that this will be sucessful.  I am growing Amour.Blue Belle,Kestral & Maxine for coloured classes and Harmony & Sherine for the white classes.  The hope is I will have some good enough for the Scottish Branch NVS show at Dundee in September. I will have a total of 120 bags in by the end of this week.  

I also have my stumps in but they are not doing great, I have Caullies sown (2 lots) and have started some peas off for a few early local shows. 

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  1. Hi johgn, just to let you know i am now back on the blogging after beeing laid of with illnes. hope you are keeping well. geoff