The Plot

The Plot

Thursday, 5 September 2013

NVS Scottish Branch Championships

Well that's me got my three entries sorted for the Scottish Branch show at Dundee over the next three days.  I have never been to a top class show never mid shown at one so I'm very nervous. I have entered three classes.
1) Collection of any three veg from an exhibitor who has never won a ticket at any NVS National or branch show.  As you can see I have a pea pod, a potato and a stump carrot.  (Show perfection, NVS Sherine & Sweet candle.)

2) Onions from set. ( Stur BC 20)

3) Onions less than 250 gms ( Globo)

To be honest if I get any sort of ticket I will be delighted, however it is more so that I can get a feel for the bigger shows and see where I'm at in this learning curve.

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  1. To go to Dundee Show I need to get a bus from Glasgow can you give me any information as regards time of journey from glasgow to Dundee