The Plot

The Plot

Monday, 2 September 2013

Results from Lhanbryde Show

On Saturday it was Lhanbryde Show.  This was the first show I entered some four years ago although it is 20 odd miles from me I like to support it.  However as I have already posted due to work etc I have not paid enough attention to my veg this year and I have not grown much quality veg this year. As I had a cup to return I felt that I should make an effort to give the show an entry.  As I was playing rugby on Saturday I asked the Show manager to bench a plate of onions from set and a plate under 100 gms.  When I went to pick my onions up on Sunday imagine my surprise when I had secured a first for the sets and a second for the 100 gms onions.  I also won the onion cup, Best exhibit in fruit & Veg and runner up to Best in Show.  Absolutely shocked, and delighted.

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