The Plot

The Plot

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Onions,Shallots,Leeks & First Show Schedule

Well pushed on this week and sowed my Globo onion seeds and I'm trying some Matador shallot seeds as well.  The Globo onions are for the under 250 gms class.  I've grown this variety  for the last two years and have had some success with it. I particularly like the shape and straw coloured finish that I've managed to achieve.  So here's hoping I can get some good size specimens for the NVS branch show in September, plis Dufftown and Nairn. 

I also re potted my leeks this week and they are now in 1 ltr pots. I've reselected my plants down to 20 from 50 and the rest will go to our NVS DA meeting tomorrow night Thursday the 30th January at the Chiefton Hotel To the plant sales table to raise funds for the DA.  My leeks are now as thick as a pencil and seem to be growing on quite strongly. They are getting 10.5 hrs of light just now which I will slowly increase over the next few weeks.  As you can see they do not have collars on to draw them but  are coming away by themselves.  The tallest are about 20 to 21 inches to the flag tip and the leaves are started to widen out.

The first show schedule dropped through the letter box this week.  The Black Isle Show is held in-conjunction with the annual agricultural show.  This is a two day show and is very popular in the North of Scotland.  It is on the 6th and 7th August which is early for veg but does attract a number of the top growers in the area.  I'm aiming to plant/sow a number of veg with it in mind and will keep you informed of their progress.

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