The Plot

The Plot

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Shallots, Onions & NVS DA meeting

As previously posted the newly formed North of Scotland DA (NoSDA) held its second meeting on Thursday 30th of January.  There was again a splendid turn out with 19 people attending.  John MacKay from Golspie gave and excellent talk slide show of some of the local shows along with pictures from the Nationals at Dundee some years ago. John then gave a talk on growing parsnips.  This was followed with a Q & A session where the members from the floor asked a number of questions of three "wise men" on the platform.  The panel consisted of John MacKay, Stevie Halifax and myself.  I must admit I felt a bit of a fraud sitting with the other two growers given the experience they have.  However I found the whole night thoroughly enjoyable and to cap the evening of we had a raffle and sales table which raised £68.00
I also picked up my exhibition onions on Thursday evening.  These had made the long trip North from the Island of Bute, where fellow grower Niall Currie had kindly started them off for me.  These are Kelsae onions from Alistair Gray's strain.  I must say the seem to have travelled well and are now in my grow chamber with lights on for 11 hours which will go up to 12 next week.  

I'm also delighted to say that my Shallots have finally decided to start putting up some top shoots.  It is over a month since I planted them up. (These also came from Niall)

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