The Plot

The Plot

Monday, 16 January 2017

2017 season (16/1/17)

I have not been on the blog for sometime, so here is a couple of photos of where my plants are at this point in time. I have some Lhanberis leeks which are under 12 hr lights and in 1/2 ltr pots.  They are starting to grow now and need potting on this weekend coming.

Here are my pot leeks. I received them from Gareth Cameron at the NVS Scottish Branch seminar in mid November.  They are from Joe MacKenzie and are in 1/2 ltr pots.  These will also be potted up into ltr pots at the weekend as well.

Here are my onions. They are Kelsae from Alistair Gray seed.  Sown on the 11th December and pricked out between Christmas and New Year. They are now under 24 hrs lights and are starting to move on. I'm happy with them and will need to get supports on them through the week. 

I have set myself goals this year.  The first being to try and win both the collection and Potato board at the Black Isle Show which is on 2nd & 3rd August. I have never won the potato board at this show and it is 4 years since I won collect.
The second goal is to produce large quality onions this year. I have struggled over the last few years to produce large onions of any size or quality.
The third goal is to exhibit at Kelso show on the local side as the Scottish NVS Branch are holding the branch championships down there on the 27th August.

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