The Plot

The Plot

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Shallots,Leeks & Onions 22/01/17

 Here is my second post of the year, This is my Shallots, they were planted up between Christmas & New Year. They are planted up in a mix of Levingtons M3 and John Innis No 3. I had them with a little bottom heat for a week to encourage them to root. With it being so mild they have shot away and are far to far on. Currently in an unheated greenhouse. 
 Potted up my Pot Leeks into 1 Ltr square pots. Really happy with the root system. The leeks are growing on strongly and I'm very happy with them.  I've sprayed with SB invigorator and they were watered in with Maxi Crop original.
 Potted on some blanch leeks into 1 ltr air-pots to see how they go. They are Lhanberis leeks. Never grown them before got them from Niall Currie from Rothesay.
 Here are my onions which I hope I will grow on for quality dressed onions, Ones with white plant lables are off of A Grey re selected Kelsea seed. The ones with yellow labels are from Mick Cook seed. They were sown on 12/12/16. Need to pot them on in the next week.

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