The Plot

The Plot

Monday, 21 May 2012

Leeks and Furry things

It been a couple of weeks since I last put anything on my Blog.  Up until this weekend the weather up here in Morayshire has been terrible with hail snow and gales all contriving to make sure I don't get my dream of benching reasonable veg at this years Scottish NVS Branch show at Kelso. I've been busy trying to get caught up and finnish off the greenhouse where I want to grow my Leeks in.  In between times I've played a couple of games of rugby but that can wait for another time.  I've also had some problems with furry creatures,  A family of short tailed voles have taken up residence in the garden and  have found a tray of leeks and some of my Globo onions very tasty.  Also have a rabbit in the veg plot see below.   
Above is my second sowing of red Star needing re potting and about 9 inch.  
 This is my early sowing now about 14 inch and will be planted out this week as we are finally due so good weather

 Now got all my Kelsea onions into their feed tubs.  This is my first attempt at these onions and I'm really worried that the foliage is so soft

 Here are my Leeks I'm pleased with them but they need out into there main bed.  This I have finnished and hope to get them in over the next couple of days.  They have 14 inch collars on them.  
 Here are my shallots which have taken a fearful battering from the wind and snow but seam to be recovering.
 And here is the rabbit that has decided to take up residence between the veg plot and the washing green.  And yes its a Black one
 Well that the up dates just now at the "Pondarosa"

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