The Plot

The Plot

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Warm Weather at last

Well folks I've been a bit busy lately and was having difficulties with my camera. Finally got some photos so here is where I'm at.

Show tatties now all in.  NVS Sherine, The Bishop & Harmony for whites.  NVS Amour, Kestral, Blue Belle, Maxine and Purple eyed Seedling for coloured and all planted in JBA potato mix.  Lets hope it does exactly what it says on the label.

Also finally managed to get one of the Green houses that got last month erected. As you can see I've got some of my Leeks in it just now.  Happy with the finished article.
 This is my Kelsea Onions I've just potted them into my 25 kg Tubs which are old cattle and sheep mineral lick tubs.  I'm using JBA Onion & Leek mix and spraying once a week with SB invigorator.  I'm going to grow them in these tubs in the green house I've just finished.  It my first attempt at large onions so here goes.
 These are my leeks they currently are in 5 ltr pots and have 14 inch collars on. I've lifted one in an attempt to let you see how thick they are.  Again this is my first attempt at growing these so will it be show or soup?
And lastly my Celery.  As you can see its about 10 inches. Again this is my first attempt at growing and I only have 9 plants from 30 left as I had a disaster at pricking out.  I have a second sowing which is about 5 inch and I'm hoping that this will allow me to show at some later ones.


  1. Hoss it's all looking good from up here. My parsnips, long carrots, long beet and stumps have all germinated but seem to have hit a stop with the recent cold spell - hopefully they'll get a move on now.
    Sowed my Show Perfection peas this evening, and have my tatties done too - 10 bags each of Kestrel, Casablanca, Amour, Sherine and BlueBelle.

  2. Dave

    I've started my Caulis and will be sowing my first lot of show peas this weeked. I've got some from Ian Stocks and some from Robinson's. Probably going to do 3 or 4 sowings in the hope of getting show peas from begining of August through to mid September, but we will see.

  3. All looks really good Hoss
    Will be interested to see how they compare to your ones last year. From the picture I saw of the potato tray, they looked pretty impressive and I hope mine are half as good