The Plot

The Plot

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Leeks finally have new home

I finally managed to finish glazing the greenhouse I'm using this year to grow my leeks in.  It is an 6 x 8  house which I picked up a couple of weeks ago for the lifting.  There was no glass with it but I had glass from a previous expedition up North and as I'm not glazing right up to the eves just now so that it does not get too warm I thought "jobs a goodun". As you can see I've created a bed down each side of the house and started transferring my leeks in.  They are at 12in centers and the support is 15 in apart and 28 inch from the ground.  This is loosely based on my good friend Neil "Islay malt" Muirhead's design so if it all goes pear shape we know who to blame. All I hope now is that my resident (onion & leek loving) voles do not find their way into this green house.   

This is my Parsnip bed.  as you can see the heavy snow and cold weather has had a fairly drastic effect on them.   I have at least 2 blank stations out of my 20, the ones in the back ground have been singled and are now starting to move on. They are about 3 inch high, the variety is Polar.  Its the first time I've grown this variety.  As you can also see I am attempting to grow in a peat bed with stations cored out and filled with my mix.   

At last my tatties are starting to show through.  I'm about 4 wks behind from last year and with my first show at the end of July it will be tight.  I've 100 bags in this year with the following varieties:- Harmony, NVS Sherine  The Bishop for whites, Blue Belle, NVS Amour, Kestral, Maxine & Purple Eyed Seedling for coloured.  I also have a bed with vales emerald and pixie which I find can "scrub" up quite well.


  1. Hi Hoss
    My tatties are just starting to show themselves now too - well behind last year. Everything else has been slow too but I have noticed that things are beginning to motor after this week of good weather. I only have my runners and french beans left to plant outside, then it's clear the greenhouse and fill it with growbags and bottomless pots for my chillies and Cedrico toms.

  2. Leeks look really healthy bud! Mightily impressed!
    You got plenty traps out?

  3. Dave,

    I've got my first sowing of Peas & French beans to go out this weekend along with Cauli and Cabbage. also looking to plant out my first sowing of celery and the rest of my Leeks


    Got the vole traps set tonight and a couple of snares, A wee bit worried that the tips of my leek leaves are still going brown(dying off) was thinking of giving a couple of feeds with Epsom salts, only not to sure about that one.