The Plot

The Plot

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Happy Morning, Sad Evening

Its been sometime since I last blogged mainly because I've been busy at work and down in Argyll for a break with my good wife.  This morning I was feeling fairly pleased.  My Cauliflowers are filling up nicely, infact to the extent that I've had to take the enviromesh off the bed as the plants were push the mesh to its limit.  As you can see the plants have filled the bed.  They will not be ready for my first couple of shows which is a disappointment, but hopefully will be ready for 11th August. I sprayed with Decis this morning to ward of butterflies etc   

Here are my "Globo" onions with one of my Kelsae they are coming along slowly but I wont need them till 11th August so hopefully they will have ripened and necks shrunk. Then we should have a set or two there.

I thought my Leeks were progressing well with plenty new growth and I have been taking a flag leaf off every 4 or 5 days. The girth is averaging 7 inches and a good 14 to 15 i9nch to the button and still stretching.  That was this morning so off to work quite happy.

This evening just tidying up a couple of leeks when I noticed this one with really light growth.AAAHHHHHH. On closer inspection the dreaded seed head, so out it came.  A good 15 inch blanch with two more flags to come off would have had me at 17 to 18 and this one's girth was just over 7.5.  Can only hope its an isolated incident.  How you can got from happy to despair with a real gut sinking feeling in one fell swoop.  

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