The Plot

The Plot

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Nairn Agri Show results

Well very happy with my results from yesterday's show.  Five entries and four 1st and a 4th.  So no complaints.  Unfortunately there were not a lot of entries as the weather has taken its toll. Here are the photos of my produce.
1st prize shallots
 1st prize leeks
 1st prize white potatoes (NVS Sherine) 10 in class
1st prize onions from set and 4th prize coloured potatoes (NVS Amour) 12 in class.

Now have to look at produce and see if I can get some better quality for the Black Isle show on Wednesday


  1. Very nice Hoss
    Is that the first show?

  2. Yes Darren

    like I said bigger show this Wednesday/Thursday hoping to have a collection and a Potato board for this one coming. alot of my tatties are not ready yet,