The Plot

The Plot

Monday, 2 July 2012

Looks more like failure than Success.

Well here is another helping from my garden.  Like every where else Morayshire has had its share of cold wet weather which has held everything back.  My hopes of getting any quality veg ready for the NVS Scottish Branch Show at Kelso on the 26th of August have all but disappeared.  Some of this has been down to the weather but I have to admit there is a fair amount of it down to me not being well enough organised. That being said I have not given up hope all together and the 26th is still nearly 8 weeks away.   

 Here is my Parsnips (Polar). you may remember that after sowing they were then covered by 5inch of snow.  The foliage is about 14 inches and I'm hoping I will get some for my local show on the second week of September 

I've got a whole bed of Cauliflowers like this one.  I had hoped they would be ready for Kelso. But I think I might be a little early with them.  If that is the case I have a show on the 11th of August. The plants are 2ft apart so that gives you some Idea of the size they are now.  As you will notice I have them under enviromesh to keep them clear of butterflys etc.  

This is some of my Pablo beet root. The plants in the fore ground have only recently been singled whilst the plants in the background are growing on strongly and I have hopes of getting some ready for possibly early August.  

This is one of my Stump root carrot beds. These were also covered in snow and took almost 4 wks to germinate.  However as you can see are now growing strongly but will not be big enough for the NVS show at kelso.  In the fore ground is some more beet root.

Here is a close up of the sweet candle, it is about the thickness of my index finger.
Well these are my peas but as you can see I've balls up with the camera and it looks like they are growing on their side.  The plants of my first sowing are about 28 inches and look to be ready to flower.  I'm hoping to have some for the 11th of August.

Well folks that's all for now please feel free to comment.

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  1. Hi john, thought i would give you a call as i have not been to well for a few months but things are getting a bit better with my health. I will be getting in touch with all the other bloggers as i would not like them to think i have lost interest.
    Any how having a glance at what you are growing it seems that all is going ok. I must say that the weather has not been very good at all and i have noticed that most things are very slow in growing which i put down to the ground being to cold and wet. hope you get on alright at your shows.