The Plot

The Plot

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Collared Leeks

Had a busy couple of afternoons in the greenhouse this weekend. On Saturday afternoon I re potted my biggest leeks into 2 ltr pots and also put on their first collars.  These are 5 inch long pipe insulation,. This is put on to encourage the leeks to stretch.  At 5 inch the collar is about 2 inches above the button.  The tallest of  these leeks is about 25 inches to the tip of its flag leave.

I also set up my new light which allows me to give more light to all my plants.  On Sunday I re potted the leeks I got from Dave Metcalfe.  These are now in ltr pots and are roughly 13 to 16 inches to the flag leaf and the barrels are only 2 inch long.

My other leeks from Alistair Gray are closer to 18 inch to the flag left , however they are still quite thin so I'm leaving them without collars for mean time. In the picture above you can see some onions to the left of the leeks. These are settling in nicely and starting to grow on. In the one below shows Alistair's leeks still with out support, I'll put canes in tomorrow

"Globo" Onions Germination at last.  I'll leave them in the cells for a while yet,

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