The Plot

The Plot

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Favourite Garden Supplier

It was really cold here today and as I was at home I had a good few hours in the greenhouse. Also took a trip to my favourite garden supplier, (the recycle centre).  Where I got 30 1/2 litre square pots, 20  1 litre square pots and a number of 2 & 3 litre round pots for the princely some of £2.00.

Here are the onions I picked up on 2nd January.  The best of them are about 12 inches tall now and are starting to fill the pots that I put them into.

This is 36 Hercules onion sets that I potted up today in 1/2 ltr pots and M3 compost.  I'm hoping some will mature for the onion from set classes for this seasons shows

I also potted up 12 Red Sun Shallots into 1 ltr pots of M3 compost and these will keep the onion sets company in the green house.

Here is my BC 20 Stur onion sets which are also in M3 compost but in fibre pots.  I'm hoping some of these will mature for the NVS branch show at Dundee in September.  I'm looking for them to be about 300 gms.

 And finally I sowed Matador Shallot seed as there are a couple of the bigger shows up here which have a class for shallots from seed.  This is the first time I have tried this shallot and I hve then in a 40 cell tray in along side my Globo onions.

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