The Plot

The Plot

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Celery & Onions

We have had a fairly cold week and the ground is frozen again, so not a lot done on the plot.  Saturday we had snow and I was playing rugby in the North Regional Bowl which we were lucky enough to win.  That along with Scotland winning against Ireland has made it a pretty good weekend.  Anyway to garden matters.

As you can see my celery is at a stage where I will prick it out and pot up in 3 inch pots.  Probably do that tomorrow night.   

This is my exhibition onions that I got from Niall Currie from Rothesay. I got these plants on the 2nd of January and they have not looked back since I got them.  The most of the plants have 5 or 6 main leaves and are about 20 inches tall.  I'm really pleased with them.

I have also put 9 inch collars on my most forward leeks (HV) also 9 inch collars on the leeks from Alistair Grey.  My HV leeks are growing on strongly and have nice broad leaves on them so as soon as my 2 ltr pot arrive I'll get them into them.  I gave all my leeks and onions a drench of epsom salts to day this helps with the up take of nutrients and keep the foliage a good dark green colour. (or so i've been told)

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