The Plot

The Plot

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Leeks & Rugby

It's been a wee while since I last posted.  we have had some very poor weather and I still have not managed a lot of ground preparation.  Saturday was a decent day but I was away playing rugby in the Regional Bowl semi-final in Aberdeen where we managed a 19-15 away win and now face Moray in a local derby final.  This has added spice for me as I played for them lasst season.

Anyway a quick up date. My onions from sets are starting to sprout and as you can see the Hercules are looking ok and the 20 BC Stur are similar.  I hope to plant out mid to late March depending on the weather.   
 As you can see the celery has germinated.  Not as strong a germination as I would have liked but there will be enough plants for me to get 12 strong ones to plant out for my late July show.

Here are my onions.  These I got as seedling on the 2nd of January. As you can see they are growing on strongly and will soon need potting up to 1 litre pots.  

I re collared my most forward leeks last weekend with 7 inch collars.  The lagging I had was 15 mm which I felt was a wee bit tight round the leaves so put 7 inch 22 mm lagging on today.  The most of these leeks are at least 5 inch to the button and between 40 to 45 mm in circumference round the barrel.  So really pleased with them.  They will be getting potted on into 2 litre pots next week or the week after. 

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