The Plot

The Plot

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Valentine Onions!!!

This week has been variable with sunshine at the start of the week and then snow and frost mid week and sunshine at the weekend. I also received a Valentine's gift from a fellow grower.  I must admit its the first time I've ever received onions on Valentines day.  Helen Vincent my very good fellow grower sent me 24 onions via the postal system.  I potted them up straight away and they are starting to settle in nicely.  If I manage to grow them half as good as last year I'll be delighted.  They are a very nice high necked variety so here's hoping.  I'll post a picture next week once they have settle.

Below is the onions I got on the 2nd January they are growing on strongly, with most now having 5 or 6 true leaves and standing about 16 to 18 inches tall.

Here are Red Barron onions I sowed my self they are coming along nicely and I hope that I'll get a set of three and a set of 5 as one of our shows looks for five large five red and five from set.  This is the first time I've attempted to grow for this class.

Here is some of my BC20 Stur onions from set.  Asyou can see I've started them away in fibre pots.  They are in Levingtons M3 and I the roots are already coming out the sides of the pots. 
 Below are my Hercules onions from set.  They are also coming on nicely with good root structure within the pots.  I've never tried starting sets off in pots before so it will be interesting to find out which one do best between the fibre pots or the actual pots.

Below is one of my most furthest on Leeks.  They are in 1 ltr pots and have 7 inch collars.  At present they are about 6 inch to the button and about 45- 50 mm in circumference.  I'm planning to pot on into 2 ltr pots next week and by that time I'll have 9 inch collars on them.  All my leeks have really started to stretch recently. I have added 7 inch collars to my other two batches as well, however the first batch that I received from Helen are looking really good just now.

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