The Plot

The Plot

Sunday, 18 August 2013

First Experience of Judging

A few weeks ago my good friend Dave Mercer from Tain called me at work and asked what I was doing on the 17th of August. I was out GPS surveying a large hill paddock at the time and without thinking said"nothing much as far as I know".  Great said Dave I'll put you down to judge the veg at the Tain show that Saturday.

Well the 17th arrived and I duly travelled the 60 miles up to Tain.  I was some what nervous as this was going to be my first attempt at judging and all the little comments I'd heard at show over the last 4 year were flooding back to me.

As with all small village shows there was quite a variation in the quality in some classes, however given the type of growing season we have had there was a number of good quality entries.

After 2 hrs I had come to the conclusion of my judging and a fine set of large onions were awarded the best veg exhibit.

I stayed on after the judging and had a number of interesting conversations with the exhibitors and from what I could tell no one was too put out by my decisions.  In fact I was asked if I was available to judge two show up that way next year.  There are two ways to look at this, either they thought I had made a reasonable job or they are really hard up for judges!!!!

Anyway I found it fairly enjoyable and will probably attempt some more in the future.    


  1. Cheers for taking on the task John - I just hope I'm as successful when I judge Inverness Show next week.

  2. well done john iam very pleased for you it must have made you a bit nervous seeing it was your fist time. but now you have done one who knows you might finish up judging in westminster. allthe best geoff.