The Plot

The Plot

Friday, 3 August 2012

Black Isle Show results

Well that's my second show finished and I'm pleased with how things have gone.  Before the show on Wednesday morning I was feeling down as five of my leeks had thrown seed heads and six of my best celery were showing signs of brown heart rot. Which makes them useless for showing and have to be harvested at once if you want to get any use from them.  Any way off to the show with ten entries.  Here are the results

 3rd prize Globo Onions
 2nd Prize Pendle Improved Leeks
 1st prize Parsley
 1st prize Pablo Beet root
 1st prize NVS Sherine
 2nd Prize Maxine
 2nd Prize tattie Board
1st prize lettuce
1st Prize Collection board (69.5)

I also won the trophy for mosy points in Veg section.  Very pleased,


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    1. Thanks Simon. Still aways to go before I get the quality i'm wanting but heading in the right direction.