The Plot

The Plot

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Lhanbryde & District Show

Well after much debate (mainly with myself) & Mrs M.  We have decided that we cant make the NVS branch show at Kelso this Sunday.  So instead I will attempt to stage something in the region of 18 entries at Lhanbryde.  I have already got the Potato dishes and board sorted and my carrots, onions and shallots up. Caulies and beetroot plus celery to sort. Will post some pics tomorrow before the show if I can.  Still having real problems with vermin in the plot and had to lift the kitchen carrots (bed 1.5mtr x 3mtrs) yesterday with only a 3 gallon bucket of carrots left due to Vole predation. Not happy.  

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  1. Shame you can't make it to Kelso after your plans for this year Hoss. It's not been a good year for showing but you've made the first steps to the bigger shows with a fair bit of success, and if the Big Man upstairs is kinder with the weather next year, (and you suss out a method of dealing with your voles, who knows what next season holds for you....