The Plot

The Plot

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Nairn & District Show Results

Well after a hectic early morning I bench 11 exhibits at Nairn this morning.  The show was not as well supported this year and the exhibitors I spoke to all blamed the weather.  With that in mind there were still some very good exhibits there.  So you can imagine my delight and surprise when I went back this afternoon to find that I had managed 9 firsts and 2 seconds from my 11 entries.  With my collection being judged best exhibit in the veg section and also winning the cup for most points in the section.

 My collection, with Pendle Improved, Blue Belle, Kelsae, show Perfection and Sweet candle. This was awarded Best in Section
My white potatoes "Harmony"

My Potato Board with NVS Amour,Maxine,Blue Belle & Harmony 

Lastly My globo Onions which were First in the under 250 gms class.

I was also first with my Leeks,Cucumber,Parsley,Shallots & Cauliflower and second with Coloured potatoes and beetroot


  1. Well done mate
    And I still love that potato collection class

  2. Yeah I think its a great class but in a lot of the shows up here it only attracts the same points as any other class.

  3. Good day for Hoss ! Well done mate, Tain Show is next Saturday and I'm running about like a blue arsed fly trying to get everything finalised - don't ever try and organise a show - it's a nightmare!! LOL.. On the veg front, everything is looking okay except onions which are shockingly poor.