The Plot

The Plot

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Dufftown Horticultural Society Show Results

Well today has been a great day for me.  As I said earlier Dufftown is a two day show and I benched on Friday night.  looking at what was already there I thought I'd be lucky to make any impact.  Well how wrong I was.  12 firsts 2 seconds and a third.  Most firsts in section plus best plate of potatoes and cup for matched white and coloured plates of potatoes shown on a tray.

If that was not enough I was introduced to a lot of fine growers in the Banff and Aberdeenshire area, with offers of coming to see there growing set up and the fellow who won the collection class and the leek class gave me one to put down for pips next year.

I was even introduced as ("up & coming") Although I'm no spring chicken these growers all had time for a chat it was great.

Sorry not pictures as they are floating about in space just need to get them.


  1. Top man Hoss ! You've had a brilliant show season - Nationals next year ?

  2. Cheers Dave, think I got lucky this year. But we will see how next season goes. Really want to get something to the Scottish branch. Already trying to plan things.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Simon. The larger one are from plants from Helen & the under 250gms ones are "Globo" I grew my self from seed. Sown on 15th Feb and grown on in 10 ltr pots in a green house.

  4. aye well done john, a lot of folk have said how well, you have done this year, i think dufftown was the best show this year out of the ones we went to.
    all the best